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  • The Stroppies - Maddest Moments/Architectural Charades - 7"

    The Stroppies - Maddest Moments/Architectural Charades - 7

    The Stroppies - Maddest Moments/Architectural Charades - 7"

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    Catalogue Number: TLV114

    Release Date: 25th May 2018

    The Stroppies return with two new songs. Tracked with Zac Schneider of Totally Mild between Phaedra Studios and a small garden shed, the record sees the band moving away from the limits of the lounge room studio for the first time and into more robust sonic territories.

    Both songs deal with specific types of urban anxiety. The A-side, 'Maddest Moments', espouses a kind of inside-looking-out perspective. Over-stimulated outside, you return home to find you’re still stuck. The B-side, 'Architectural Charades', is a tribute to ugly buildings and the minds that conceive them. Driving around town and shaking your head. So it goes.

    Regarding the new recordings, the band note that, “the last two 7”s have been a road test of sorts. Expanding (or reducing) the working methodologies, throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks, and trying to get an idea of what might work in terms of production in the future. They’re not definitive statements, rather little esoteric textures in the narrative of the band to date.”

    Accompanying the release is the video clip for the A-side, 'Maddest Moments', and features two intertwined narratives. The first is a conventional performance video shot and edited on an iPhone by the band in their living room, and the second an excruciatingly dull vision of the band watching their own work.

    “Making a video is a laborious and frustrating process. It’s also kind of ridiculous when you're involved in it. The concept was to diffuse the action of the first video with the banality of the second in order to highlight this fact. We took strong cues from those great Replacements music videos from the 80s that are dealing with a similar sentiment."

    A. Maddest Moments
    B. Architectural Charades