• David West - Peace or Love

    David West - Peace or Love

    David West - Peace or Love

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    Catalogue Number: TLV089

    Release Date: 5th August 2016

    Blue suede shoe vinyl, limited to 500 copies

    Peace or Love is the follow-up to USA/Australia-based musical artist David West's 2015 cassette release, Drop Out Of Collage. Peace or Love is a collection of songs stemming from wild and free bedroom four-track cassette recordings and personal hard drive sample raiding, with contributions from various musical friends in Perth, Western Australia and SF/LA, California. West draws inspiration from free-thinking artists of the past and present on this polyphonic platter, from soft indie strumming and free soundscapes, to disco and soul-pop. West currently plays in the guitar pop band Rat Columns, synth-pop project Liberation and post-punk trio Rank/Xerox, and has been in varied acts such as Lace Curtain, Burning Sensation, Total Control and Whalehammer.

    1. Untitled
    2. Peace or Love
    3. Do You Miss Me Around
    4. Dream on Dreamer
    5. Darkness in My Heart
    6. At Peace
    7. Darkness in My Heart 2
    8. Happiest Man In The Room
    9. Au Contraire
    10. In Love
    11. Darkness in My Heart 3