Cymbals - What Eternity - 7"

Cymbals - What Eternity - 7

Cymbals - What Eternity - 7"

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Catalogue Number: TLV076

Release Date: 1st December 2014

Blue vinyl 7" - 100 copies only

Artwork by Rob Peart

The songs on What Eternity come to the wider world at almost the same time they did to the band – both tracks were recorded in September of this year, very soon after CYMBALS returned from their first US tour. Emboldened by the reception they received from audiences in cities thousands of miles from home, a concerted effort was made to harness the energy and enthusiasm of those US shows and to create something that reflected the band right now. The circumstances around The Age of Fracture dictated it be recorded over a long period of time, whereas there is a immediacy to these new songs at odds with the long stretches of time that often bridge the gap between a song being recorded and its release – they are very much of the moment, both direct and vital. As such, they might well be CYMBALS’ best songs to date. As singer Jack, says:

"These songs are close to what I am feeling during this current moment, in other words this season, or the stretch of time from spring to autumn this year. They are a little more personal and introspective, which is some kind of difference for us. We don't want to explain them too much, given that so many words accompanied the album we wrote last year and released earlier this year - these songs have no notes with them, no explanations, no justifications. The only thing we should say is that the title is borrowed from a book by Marguerite Yourcenar, who herself borrowed it from a poem. We've messed with the punctuation and in so doing changed the meaning to suit what we wanted to say."

A. Talk To Me
B. Innocence